Marije Elgersma | About ME
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Fun & Passion

About ME

I’m Marije Elgersma. Sportive since the day I was born. Team player from the beginning and a hands on mentality.

Building up something with a like minded team gives me energy. So let’s connect.

The key word that creates a lot in me is enthusiasm. This was already part of my basketball training when I was 15 years old and gave training to the youngest members of the club. By being enthusiastic about something, you radiate something. In many cases you get something in return. In the form of a smile, good will and loyalty.

Why I want to commit to projects and events is because it makes me enthusiastic. Starting up, working towards the end product in a team is what I like about it. When ‘the moment / the day / the weekend / the week’ comes together from different angles and the end result is there is what I love.

How do I do that? I’ve turned my experience in managing a water sports shop over the past 13 years into the projects I’m allowed to take on.

What I do is broad. I have built up experience in the following:

– Coordinating
– Social media
– Commerce
– Networking
– Accompanying students

Above all, I like to work with people. Towards a goal, as a team and after the evaluation make it even more beautiful the next time. I must have a good feeling about it! Then I come back to the ‘why‘. If I am enthusiastic, I function better and contribute to the whole in a better way.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.