Marije Elgersma | The Hub
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Do you want to use my


‘Hub’ means: the central or main part of something where there is most activity.


Need pictures of your event/product/persons? I have a fantastic network of photographers who can capture your wishes in the right way. Any subject is possible!


Videos are an indispensable part of today’s society. Within my network I have creative and very good videographers. The theme of the project does not matter, everything is possible!


Creating a concept is not easy. If you need help with this, then I have the opportunity to find the right marketeer for your question.


Just like videos, it is impossible to imagine our society without social media. If your project or event needs specific attention for social media, I can take care of it personally and also expand it with extra people from my network.


Giving the right atmosphere to a sports event with the input of a speaker is a very good choice. Imagine that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of them coming across your finish line, but no one says anything about it. There is music, but not someone who can hear the encouraging words through the microphone! If you want to avoid that, I have the right speaker for you!


Did you organize a day with your customers, where you need someone to connect the day? Through a speaker? In my network I have the right connection to your man or woman who can make the day an even bigger success.


Telling travel stories and matching pictures completes the article. I can offer this combination. The destination doesn’t matter, as long as there’s an adventure to come out of it!


Need press releases for your project or event? Touching the right string with text can be arranged by someone from my network.

Your needs


Connecting the right parties is a natural habit of mine. Automatically my thoughts go to a certain person if somebody asks me anything.

The pivot, the axis of the network around me, that’s me. {ME}